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Language heralds history and reflects thoughts and actions and the language of slots is inculcated in our society. In fact, much of the early slot lingo still exists in our vocabulary. Slots may have gotten more sophisticated but our vocabulary happily maintains some of the old slot sayings. Remember that sad saying of defeat close but no cigar? How about calling something a lemon or a real lemon? Ive heard this many times in my life, That car is a lemon. Ive also heard, if you get a lemon make lemonade. Just saying you hit the jackpot comes from the use of poker in the first slots, which were often machines that used playing cards as their symbols. If you got a good job you might say something such as that is a plum of a job. We all know what making a mint means. Did you ever date a peach of a girl? My grandmother used that as her mantra to me, Frank make sure you only dates girls who are peaches. (Unhappily, I did date some girls who were the pits.) Finally, if a girl were caught chewing gum it was considered unseemly. Why? Because those slot symbols that looked like gum came from establishments correct young ladies should not frequent.

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David Dorsey, sportswriter and reporter for The News-Press highlights what is great about the stadium as spring training kicks off. Andrea Melendez/news-press.com Dean Prutos waits for buyers for Red Sox Spring Training tickets. He said he has been selling less tickets this year so far partly because the teams started playing in February. A lot of tourists that come for baseball games begin their vacations in March. (Photo: Amanda Inscore/The News-Press) 38 CONNECT TWEET 2 LINKEDIN 6 COMMENTEMAILMORE When Dean Prutos first resold baseball game tickets, he made a 100 percent profit, wheeling and dealing 50-cent bleacher seats at Wrigley Field in Chicago for $1 during the week and $3 on Sundays. Dean was 13. Now 56, the part-time Naples resident play blackjack for fun loves spring training because he can sleep in his Florida home with a short commute to his game-day spring office at 13480 Rickenbacker Parkway. The grass parking lot adjacent to the Daniels Parkway strip mall anchored by the Norman Love chocolate factory is a short walk from JetBlue Park, spring training home of the Boston Red Sox. It's also an ideal location to resell tickets. We have to buy our tickets at cheaper prices in order to make a profit, Prutos said.

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Showing the comedic style that helped win him an election last year, Duterte mocked former Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay, rejected by a house appointments commission last week over his failure to prove he was not a U.S. citizen when he took the job eight months ago. "I don't know why I was ousted by the commission on appointments but I did not lie," Duterte, impersonating Yasay and using an American accent, told a audience of hundreds of mayors. "If you did not lie, why are you out of the cabinet?" he said to laughs and applause. Duterte's remark makes light of what has been one of the biggest embarrassments of his presidency so far. Yasay, a U.S.-trained lawyer, is a member of his inner circle with whom he shared a dormitory while studying law. Yasay played a crucial role driving Duterte's policy of diversifying foreign relations beyond ally the United States, describing it as a "shackling dependency". In scathing posts on Facebook, Yasay chided Washington for what he said was shirking its treaty obligations to protect the Philippines. He said breaking away was "imperative in putting an end to our สโบเบ็ต fb nation's subservience to United States' interests". Yasay was accused by critics of contradicting statements that were made under oath before the appointments commission and during media interviews about his citizenship and passports. While the commission made no conclusion about his citizenship status, its members agreed unanimously that he was not telling the truth.