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Because the Switch comes with two of them from the start, any situation becomes an opportunity to pop out the consoles kickstand, remove the Joy-Con, and start a game, especially with those that dont own the Switch themselves and perhaps never once considered buying it. The ability to pick it up and hand it to someone else was a very important part of the hardware, Takahashi says. We began to look at how can we leverage these technologies to create new experiences that will appeal to that wider range of ages and a wider range of interests than even the Wii audience had. This idea of superseding the Wii, the best-selling game console of its generation with more than 100 million units sold, is a common theme for Nintendo. Talking about Wii and Wii U, particularly with the Wii we had a very broad audience that played and a very wide range of ages from kids to adults, including seniors, Takahashi explains. With the Wii U, we saw that [broad] audience really declined. Its a somber admission, suggesting that Nintendo has no delusions about the toll its wayward experiments have taken on the company over the years. Nintendo wants to court as broad an audience as possibly Like the Wii U, the Switch could sink. The console is arriving with a new Zelda game and a moderate price tag of $299, but its an open question whether Nintendo has the good will and consumer trust casino online news to court the kinds of casual gamers its seeking out. On the other end, Nintendo has yet to disclose key details about the Switch that matter to more serious players, like how its online service and virtual store will work. For the hardcore fans, the core conceit of the Switch its ability to morph from one form into another might be seen as just another gimmick in a long line of goofy Nintendo experiments. One of the things weve continued to consider for a long time, Takahashi says, is how we can give an audience that played Wii another opportunity to come into contact with Nintendo software. In that context, the Switchs purpose starts to become more clear: its portability and design is supposed to urge players to create their own play spaces wherever they like, and invite others to join.

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